Frozen Bakery Solutions

The Sicilian word Liccumie literally meansDelicatessen. Liccumie is the leading company for the production and distribution of frozen bakery products.

Pre-fried Arancineria


Liccumie pursues its main objective with energy and determination: innovation to make the difference. Customers are becoming ever more demanding and require solutions that suit their needs and tastes, so in order to meet their expectations we believe we have to be more and more dynamic, creative as well as a bit dreamers. We consider fundamental to understand the context where we operate and to take into account the changing trends that characterize it and its new needs, always looking ahead to the future

Innovative solutions

Innovative solutions

Consumption occasions multiply and Liccumie offers a wide and varied range of classical Viennoiserie and pastries, with products that are very easy to prepare, so as to personalize its high quality products in a very simple way. Among our Viennoiserie products you will find an absolute novelty, the vegan croissant made of spelt and quinoa, designed to meet the latest consumer trends with a successful product.

Quality and Service

Each of our products, designed for ever demanding customers in terms of quality and service, has a personality and story to tell that is linked to the exclusive use of high quality ingredients. To stimulate, to amaze and to create in order to make the difference, an ambitious project….as only some challenges can be. Help us, your opinion is important for us. For this reason, we invite you to share any idea or advice to become better at our job and to create new solutions

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